Thursday, November 6, 2008


"That will be all for today, Delores," said Stacey, dismissing her secretary  curtly, as she finished dictating a memo. Stacey was a junior executive at  the large commodities firm, Ivory Corporation. She was also the company's  only African-American officer and, at age 24, it's youngest vice president.  As Delores left the room, Stacey rose up out of her big leather chair and  looked herself over in her office's full length mirror.  "How embarrassing to be walking around the office all day in this revealing  outfit!" she thought. "What a horrible day this turned out to be."  Stacey was a ruthlessly ambitious Harvard-educated overachiever. Contrary  to stereotype however, she was not a bow-tied preppie in pinstripes, but  rather a stunningly beautiful black woman. Her perfectly sculptured face  was drop dead gorgeous, with full sensuous lips and a small elf-like nose.  An aristocratic chin accented her long delicate neck and two high cheekbones  set off an exotic pair of slanting green doe eyes. Family members said  that her unique features, including her shoulder length silky straight  hair, were inherited from distant Cherokee and Dutch ancestors.   Although she could be mistaken for Tyra Banks or Vanessa Williams, in truth she was  vastly more alluring than either of those bronze goddesses. If she  posed  nude for Playboy magazine, they would undoubtedly name her Playmate of the  Century. Of course, the prudish Stacey would die before she allowed  anyone to photograph her in the nude. That was unfortunate for the male  voyeurs of  the world, because her body was beyond compare. To describe her as  voluptuous, would be a gross understatement. Her ass alone was a work of  art. How could so firm a pair of buttocks sweep out so far from such a  narrow waist? And a more perfect pair of long slender legs couldn't be  imagined. At times she truly seemed more an ideal of a woman, than a flesh  and blood person.  Stacey turned her curvaceous figure sideways toward the mirror. "I wish my  darned bottom wasn't so noticeable!" she sighed, shaking her head back and  forth with a grimace. It was hard enough already trying to climb to the top  in a career totally dominated by white males. Her eye catching rear end was  embarrassing, especially since it confirmed the negative stereotype that  African-American's had large behinds.  Much to her consternation, when Stacey walked in public, heads turned and  traffic stopped. And it wasn't her mouth watering buttocks or her dazzling  face or her killer legs that created such commotion, it was her spectacular  breasts, jutting straight out from her chest like a pair of torpedoes. The  two rounded melons protruded out a full foot from her narrow frame. They  were so disproportionate to her wasp-like waist, that she looked like a  character from an erotic comic book, a fantasy sex bomb conjured into  existence straight out of the primordial horny male imagination.  Most people assumed that she had silicone implants, because any normal  woman with real breasts that large would be wide boned and fleshy. Stacey, however, had zero body fat, and was as thin as a swimsuit model. If anyone  could see her braless, they would know that she was all-natural. Set free from the  tight confines of her custom-made brassieres, the two gravity defying bosoms  leapt straight out into the air, instead of sagging downwards. Yet despite their  uncanny firmness, they retained the supple softness and pliancy unique to  breast flesh. She didn't wear a bra to uplift the wondrous globes, only  to control the chaotic Jell-O like jiggling that was set into motion whenever she  walked. Many men had masturbated, imagining the bouncing pandemonium that  would break loose if Stacey ever jumped rope braless in a tight T-shirt.  Even more embarrassing to her, were the two sensuous aureoles that formed the  tips of the oversized milk udders. She was thankful every day that they  weren't exposed to the same public ogling as her bust line. The prominent  inch thick pyramids of soft brown flesh were as wide as sand dollars and  tapered out to an unbelievable pair of cone shaped nipples. Each tender  nipple protruded out another full inch to precisely defined pin-points,  perfect for sucking. Her areolas themselves were as large as many women's  breasts, and were so pronounced that Stacey wore special pads inside of her bra  cups to press them back into her spongy melons. Whenever she forgot to wear  the pads, her nipples could be distinguished through her clothes, no matter what  she was wearing. Then the public stares and whistling would become intolerable.  "It's these darn things that cause most of my problems." she thought for the  millionth time, furrowing her beautiful brow. As hard as I try to make  myself less noticeable, men can always see them. Soon I'll have enough  money saved to get breast reduction surgery. Her coffee brown color  deepened in embarrassment, as she looked down at her huge bust line, pressing out against the clingy white cotton blouse. "How could I have allowed myself  to wear this provocative outfit today?" she thought in dismay.  It had been a long week for Stacey at work. She had been at her new job for  two months now, and was enjoying her new executive responsibilities. "Forty- five people reporting to me." she thought with pride, "Now that's moving up!"  Stacey was completely devoted to her career. Her passionate goal was to  rise to CEO of a major corporation before the age of 35. After much  research, she had carefully mapped out her path to the top. The first step she had already accomplished, graduating from Harvard with an undergraduate  degree in business. She was currently in the middle of step two, which was  to gain real world work experience for five years before returning to  Harvard for an MBA. Experts said this was the fast track for the up and  coming CEO's. As a black woman, she knew she was going to have to execute her plan flawlessly, in order to succeed.  Upon leaving Harvard, Stacey encountered an unforeseen obstacle, she wasn't  getting the quality work experience she needed. Despite promises in the  interviews, she was always put to work performing menial tasks. The young  white men were given all the important duties. Stacey, a staunchly conservative  Republican, refused to blame racism or sexism for the problem. She had no compassion for those unable to compete in society and had no interest in identifying with groups of losers. She knew she was responsible for her own failure, because she refused to groom herself properly. Since leaving college, Stacey had gone to great lengths to conceal her beauty in the work place. She wanted to be successful by virtue of her intellectual skill and will power, not because people thought she was physically attractive. That was no different than prostitution, as far as she was concerned.  To avoid that kind of unwanted attention, she always wore her hair pinned  back in an unkempt bun and dressed in the most unfashionable frumpy  clothing. Wearing non-prescription horn-rimmed glasses and flat heeled  shoes, sometimes her exceptional beauty went completely unnoticed. But  after two years of going nowhere, it was clear that her sloppy dress code  was dangerously inhibiting her career advancement. She had to acknowledge a cold fact, good looking, well groomed people got better jobs and got  promoted faster than unattractive people did, especially at the executive  level. If she wanted to be achieve her career goals, she would have to  capitalize on all her natural assets, even if it meant coping with the  inevitable sexual advances.  When she landed a promising job interview, she decided to visit a beauty  parlor for a complete make over. She had them copy a hairstyle from an old  Tyra Banks Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition cover, complete with blonde  highlights. When they were done, even Stacey did a double take in the  mirror-she was mesmerizingly beautiful. For the interview, she discarded  her librarian's glasses and donned an attractive business suit, nylons and  high heels. She was offered the job immediately as an administrative  officer for the Ivory Corporation. It was perfect for her resume. Unfortunately, it meant relocating to Dixon County, Mississippi. The company had recently  acquired an old cotton mill there, to take advantage of the cheaper labor force.  As an African-American, she was apprehensive about moving to the Deep South.  Growing up in a leafy, upper class suburb of Chicago, she had been completely shielded from racism. Her parents were both college professors and Stacey had grown up a pampered, many would say spoiled and arrogant, only child. Coming  from such a sophisticated background, she was naturally concerned about encountering ignorance and bigotry in Mississippi, but she relaxed after meeting with the senior company officials. They had all moved down from Chicago themselves and were very respectful to her. They assured her that the New South was much different from the historical stereotype.  Stacey's compensation was lucrative, and the job offer had included free residence in a company owned luxury condo, and a new company Mercedes. More  importantly, they promised her that the Mississippi assignment was the fast  track to promotion to the senior executive offices in Chicago. One year in  Mississippi, one year in Chicago as a Senior VP, then it was back to Harvard  for an MBA. So, although she still had some reservations, she accepted  their offer on the condition that the Mississippi assignment was only  temporary.  Starting her new job, Stacey was determined to make the most of the  opportunity. As a new Office Manager, particularly as a black woman, she  needed to establish unquestioned authority. This suited her anyway, since  she was eager to exercise her newly acquired power. In her first weeks she  instituted a series of unpopular policies and quickly earned the reputation  of a "bitch", more specifically and unknown to her "nigger bitch", among the  largely uneducated local white staff.  One senior worker, Jethro Johnson, openly flaunted her authority. Seeing an  opportunity to establish firm control over the whole office, she decided to  make an example of Jethro and demoted him to the mail room for  insubordination. Jethro reacted angrily to his demotion. In fact, someone  told her that he had been considered for her job before her arrival.  "Imagine that," she had thought with a heartless smile, "such a crude lug as  the manager." She was hoping to weed out all the employees with the thick  Southern accents and replace them with college educated people from up  North. Stacey knew that aggressively "rearranging" staff was a sure way for  a young executive to get noticed by senior management. In order for her to  make it to the top, there would have to be some casualties along the way.  Jethro Johnson was only the first. In her opinion, the business world  operated on the principles of Social Darwinism, only the fittest survived.  But as nature would have it, on this very evening, our cocky young executive  was in for a big surprise, she was herself going to be devoured by a very  large and angry fish.  As she continued looking at herself in the mirror, she couldn't believe how  tightly the thin cotton blouse clung to her vast chest, which thrust way  out from her wildly exaggerated hourglass figure. "Thank goodness the day is  over." she though, "What a nightmare." Although Stacey no longer tried to  look physically unattractive in the office, she normally wore only the most  conservative business suits. She had them specially tailored to obscure the  prominent attention getting bulges of her anatomy. Ironically it was her  astronomical expenses on custom clothing that had prevented her from saving enough money for breast reduction surgery.  Today she had made a terrible mistake. Two Senior Vice-presidents from  Chicago were scheduled to visit her office. She accidently spilled coffee  on her last clean tailor made suit, which meant she had to stop by the  local mall after work to buy a new outfit off the rack. In the store the  matching white cotton blouse and skirt had hung very loosely on it's  mannequin. Because the store was closing, she hadn't been able to try it on  and in the morning she overslept, and therefore had to dress in a rush to get to work on time . The outfit must have been a few sizes smaller than the label  indicated, because the thin knit cloth hugged every curve of her body. Worse  still, her bra and panties could be clearly seen through the fabric.  Ashamed, she had tried to hide in her office, but it seemed that all day long almost every man in the company found some excuse to hang around her  department. Dressed in that clothing, Stacey could completely destroy the  productivity of any office. Her boss, Mr. Brewster, called her into his  office and asked her to give a stand up presentation to him on the chalk board. Since the meeting hadn't been scheduled until next week, she  hoped he wasn't just trying to ogle her. Mr. Brewster had never flirted with  her before, and had completely backed her demotion of Jethro last week.  Suddenly she had a chilling thought, "Had he kept his hands beneath his desk  for the entire presentation? No." she thought with a nervous chuckle, as she  packed up her briefcase to head for home, "Now I'm getting paranoid."  Stacey resented all the trouble she had to go through to remain unnoticed.  "Men!" she thought, "What obnoxious creatures they are, always gawking at me like apes. They're incapable of appreciating me as a person. Some pretend  to be just friends, but they always reveal their true interests sooner or later, by  trying to paw me like animals in heat!" That was the reason that Stacey had stopped dating altogether several years ago. She had had sexual intercourse only twice in her life, once in her senior year of high school and once again in college. Both times she had only reluctantly cooperated with her extremely  insistent boyfriends and had experienced no pleasure. She had not even seen the two penises that entered her and she allowed no groping of her private parts, especially her breasts.  "The audacity of the male sex!" she thought, "Always assuming they have some  naturally born right to grope my private parts." She was pleased that no man  had laid hands on her now for four years straight. Little did she realize that her proud streak would shortly end in the most shocking manner.  At that very moment, back at Stacey's condo, the sound of breaking glass  filled the air. A large gloved hand reached inside an empty windowpane and  unclasped the latch. Easing himself through the window, the intruder strode  into Stacey's living room. Jethro Johnson's heart pounded and blood began  pulsing into his penis. She should be home anytime, he thought. It's gonna  be payback time for that arrogant damned nigger.  He walked into the bedroom and began rifling the dresser drawers. A long  whistle escaped his lips as he lifted up one of Stacey's humongous bras.  Two giant cones stared back at him. "47GG" read the label. He would have  thought that those two jugs were for sure over 50 inches. "The 47 size was probably because her back is so skinny." he thought, his penis twitching  involuntarily.  Everybody at work said that they were fake, but Jethro was unsure. One thing he  knew, it was women. Why would a cold prude like that, go out and get an  oversized silicone boob job? It didn't make any sense. And despite those tight  bras and loose fitting suits, his expert eye could still detect a natural sway and  movement in her breasts when she walked. But how could they possibly be real? Well, either way it didn't matter. Tonight he was going to teach that bitch a  lesson that she would never forget. After years of being humiliated by blacks taking advantage of affirmative action programs, he was finally going to set  things straight.  Jethro had been under a lot of pressure since Stacey arrived in town. Only  last year he had replaced his father as the Grand Dragon of the Dixon County Ku  Klux Klan. It was bad enough last year when that Yankee corporation bought  Dutchendorf's. The mill had been the county's main employer for over one  hundred years and had roots going back to the old pre-civil war plantations.  Jethro's ancestors had been plantation owners back in those day. In fact, he was  a direct descendant of Hans Dutchendorf. When the Yankees hired a nigger woman from Chicago to run things, people expected him to do something.  None of the locals could believe that they were now being ordered around by a  nigger. He had already waited too long to act, when the cunt demoted him last week. Now, not only was he a total laughing stock, but he would likely be  thrown out of the Klan at the next meeting, and his family had been running the group ever since the days of his great-grandfather.  Innocently unaware of the dangerous menace lurking in her home, Stacey  strolled gracefully across the parking lot at work and got into her silver  Mercedes. Driving home, her mind wandered back to her physical problems.  Unfortunately, outrageous curves and bulges weren't the most embarrassing  aspects of her anatomy. That honor belonged to her bizarre clitoris. As  thick as a cigar butt, it protruded way out beyond the perfectly petaled  folds of her vaginal entrance. It was so prominent, that it actually drooped  down a little bit and almost looked like a tiny penis. Stacey was thankful  that at least this part of her body remained completely private. It was so  embarrassing to her, that she hadn't visited a gynecologist since high  school. The only practical inconvenience it caused was that she couldn't  wear swimsuits in public, because it stuck out so noticeable through the  thin fabric. Of course that didn't affect her, she was just frightened to think  what kind of unwanted attention she would attract wearing a bathing suit in  public anyway.  Stacey didn't understand all the fuss about sex. She knew she wasn't normal, because she had never experienced sexual desire. Ever since she was thirteen and her breasts began their miraculous emergence, she had been fending off unwanted advances from men. She had been called every name in the book by  the many men that she had rejected. "Ice Queen"..."Frigid"...."Cold"..."Stuck  Up" ...the list was endless. One man even had the nerve to say that her extreme career ambition was a sublimation of repressed sexual desire. Just another hormonally imbalanced animal she figured, trying to defeat me with psychology so that he could grope me like an ape.  The only experiences she had, that could be described as sexual, were what she  thought of as 'wet dreams'. At least some mornings she awoke sweating, and  her clitoris was swollen to twice it's normal size. She could barely bring herself to look at the thing, because it was so long and thick. She never remembered anything from her dreams, but the sheets underneath her pubic area were always soaked with liquid. What really disturbed her was, that judging from the smell of her fingers, she had also been touching herself in her sleep. Fortunately, these  incidents occurred only about once a year. As distressing as they were, Stacey had  to admit that she always felt more relaxed for several days afterward.  Pulling into her garage, she walked into her condo and headed for the kitchen to  get something to drink. "What the....!" she cried, as she was grabbed from behind and thrown face down on the carpet. Stacey screamed, as her wrists were instantly whipped behind her back and handcuffed together. Big hands grabbed her shoulders and spun her around on her back. Stacey looked up into the angry red face of Jethro  Johnson.  "Jethro, what on earth are you doing? Are you crazy? Get out of my house  immediately!!"  "Well now, why don't y'all throw me out, nigger?" sneered Jethro, as he sat on  her stomach. Stacey squirmed to get away, but his heavy weight pinned her to the floor.  "How dare you call me that name! I'll have you fired that! Now get off of me immediately and get out! Or I'll call the police!"  Never had she felt so furious or outraged. She began violently twisting and bucking, but the heavily muscled 250-pound attacker didn't budge. Jethro chuckled, as he watched her squirm helplessly beneath him. Then he stood up and stepped away. Stacey quickly struggled to her knees and  awkwardly rose to a standing position.  Jethro began pacing around her in a circle, like a wolf surveying a trapped fawn. She looked dazzling standing there, her beauty somehow enhanced by her naive anger. She clearly had no idea of the ordeal that lay ahead of her. Propped up vulnerably on her high heels, her white stockings molding to her long shapely legs, the short cotton skirt clinging to the sharply protruding curve of her rear end, her impossibly narrow waist, her mussed up flowing hair sexily framing her  fashion model facial features, her bewitching emerald green eyes darting back and forth anxiously beneath her long fluttering eyelashes, and last but not least, straining against the thin white fabric of her knit blouse, her cartoonish 47GG's, thrust out vulnerably into the air due to her arms being pinioned behind her back.  "You an' me's gonna have a little party, Cunt", drawled the big red neck as he  came up behind her. He then did something to Stacey that no man had ever done before, he grabbed her long protected breasts. He slipped his hands around and closed his fists into both of her large pillows as hard as he could.  "AAGGHHHHH!!!!! Don't you dare touch me, you bastard!" cried Stacey  hysterically, contorting her body and kicking to escape his grasp.  Jethro laughed as he pulled her hard against his chest, kneading and  mauling her defenseless boobs with abandon.  "Guess y'all's not so tough now, eh Miss Vice-President?" asked Jethro,  releasing his grip and stepping away.   "Wow!" he thought, "No way are those implants. What a monster pair of titties she has stuffed into that bra!" He felt his powerful libido rising in anticipation of the fun he was going to have, sexually tormenting his over endowed boss.  Stacey's head was spinning from the shock and embarrassment of having been so thoroughly felt up. "Maybe I can run out the front door and call for help." she thought. As she took her first step though, Jethro grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her head straight down toward her waist.  "YOOOOUUUUCCCCHH!!!!," yelled Stacey, her scalp on fire from pain . "Let  go of my hair!! You're hurting me!"  "Come on, you fuckin' monkey!" drawled Jethro, "Y'all demoted me for  insubordination. Well, now Ah'm gonna show y'all some real insubordination."  He began walking towards towards her bedroom, pulling poor Stacey in tow like a captured goat. More stabs of pain shot through her head as she was jerked  along by her hair with every step. She stumbled along awkwardly on her high  heels, bent forward at a 90-degree angle and her hands were straining behind her back to escape the handcuffs.  "Let go of me this instant!," Stacey demanded, "Ouch!!!! You'll never get  away with this. You'll go to jail for a long time!"  "Oh, I'll get away with it all right. Ain't no crime to rape no uppity monkey nigger in Dixon County."  "RAPE?!" she thought, wincing as she was pulled forward several more steps.  Panic filled her. This was not possible. Years of waltzing through life as a spoiled beauty had created a false sense of security in Stacey. She was about  to discover how vulnerable any female was to a predatory man, able to trap her in private, where unspeakable physical violations could occur within seconds.  As they entered the bedroom Jethro pushed her onto her knees in front of him. Reaching down to unbuckle his belt, he undid his pants and slid down his zipper.  "Y'all take a look at what y'awl's havin' fer supper, Miss Smarty Pants Nigger."  Jethro's long flaccid penis flopped out right in front of her face. Stacey's  beautiful eyes fluttered, then went wide in disbelief, and an involuntary gasp  escaped her full lips. Thick as a flashlight, the huge cock dangled down  over eight inches, leaning to the left, as it slowly swayed in front of her.  Behind it, two testicles as big as tennis balls hung down heavily. Slowly  the giant horse cock began to swell.  Jethro reached out and roughly grabbed a handful of her hair. Stacey tried  to turn away, but he forced her startled face forward into his groin. The  oversized organ immediately stiffened, as he kneaded it against Stacey's  soft brown skin. Trying to hide behind her closed eyes, she pursed her lips  together tightly, and grimaced in disgust, while Jethro pleasured his ugly  white tool against her nose, forehead and cheeks.  "Y'all's gonna learn who's the real boss today, jigaboo! Y'awl's been dissin' the white men!! Now suck mah cock off!" Jethro demanded, pulling her head back.  Stacey opened her almond shaped eyes, and they bugged out in horror.  Jethro's fully erect organ arched up and out, reaching for the ceiling it seemed. Roped with broad purplish veins, the pure white shaft, as thick as a roller pin, stood up proudly, straight up into the air, at least 12 inches long. Stacey had never seen a penis before, but she knew that Jethro's had to be way above average in size. It's bulbous misshapen crown quivered  and twitched, in front of her tiny tightly shut mouth.  Anger welled up in her, as she recovered her composure. She needed to  stand up right now to this low class mutant. "After all," Stacey said to  herself, "I'm a Harvard educated executive. I can't allow myself to be  intimidated by an ignorant peasant like Jethro . All I have to do is firmly  put him back in his place and he will release me."  She glared up defiantly at her assailant.  "I'd never touch an uncouth red neck like you!!! You're nothing but white  trash, you ignorant.........cracker!!! Let me go immediately and get out of  here. This is your last chance!," she demanded.  Jethro crossed his big forearms and snickered.  "Look's like a'hm gonna have to teach y'all not to sass no white man. We  don't cotton to that down here in Dixon County. What y'all needs is an old  fashioned Mississippi horse whuppin'."  Stacey felt a sinking sensation that wasn't the response she was hoping  for. Jethro roughly lifted her up by her armpits and tossed her face first  onto the bed, like a sack of potatoes. He grabbed a scarf from her drawer and tied her skinny ankles together, while she vainly tried to kick at him. Taking a big tube shaped cushion from the couch, he slid it under her pelvis, propping her flawless rump high up in the air. The more she  struggled, the more her tight skirt rucked up her mouth watering thighs, until it's hem barely covered her panties, fully revealing her long thin legs. Only her huge tits prevented her face from being pushed down completely into the bed. Her arms ached at being twisted around behind her narrow back, as she wriggled back and forth in an attempt to escape her bonds. Only  now in this vulnerable position, did she finally realize how completely she was at the mercy of this brutish thug. Fear began to replace her shock and  indignation. A lump grew in her throat, and shivering goose bumps rose up  over her entire body.  Jethro stepped back and admired his struggling captive from behind. Her  thin cotton skirt was stretched over her incredibly high arching ass cheeks, which jiggled sexily as she squirmed back and forth in front of him. Lace  garters held up her white stockings, and Jethro could catch glimpses of her pure white panties, while Stacey tensed one juicy bun then the other.  Standing behind her, Jethro was entranced by the sight. Her two perfectly  formed half moons, the culmination of eons of evolution, were genetically  designed to drive a mating human male wild with desire, but Jethro, his  long python stiffening even harder in front of him, resisted the primal urge  to immediately plunder her unguarded fuck hole. No, he wanted to subject his  high and mighty 'boss' to a tortuously thorough sexual humiliation.  She continued her futile wriggling, filled with shame and mortification that  her most private areas were being exposed to the lustful gaze of this  racist hoodlum. Surely this couldn't be happening to her. Because of her  privileged background and attractive features, Stacey had led a pampered  existence. Except for her annoyance with men, and her slow track career  path, she had cruised through life thus far untroubled. It now appeared that a whole lot of trouble was about to come her way in a very short amount  of time.  Jethro slowly pulled his thick leather belt out of his trousers. "Guess  nobody at work told y'all that Ah'm head of the KKK in Dixon County. Which  means y'all done fucked with the wrong red neck. First Ah'm gonna give y'all a  whuppin' girl. Y'all don't know y'all's place down here in Dixon County. Ah'm gonna show y'all how we been treatin' uppity niggers 'round these parts for the last two hundred years."  "The Ku Klux Klan!" thought Stacey fearfully, "I read they disbanded years  ago. They weren't supposed to be a part of the "New South" her employers  had told her about. Oh why did I take this job?" Furious rage surged up in her again. Her beautiful eyes flashed in anger.  "You're going to spend a long time in jail, you perverted hick!! You won't  get away with any of this!!!"  Jethro snickered. "Well, if that's rawght Ah reckon Ah better make shore y'all gets everythang comin' to y'all tonight. Ah'm gonna make shore Ah hump all 'o y'all's holes real rough like, while I gots the chance." he snickered  lasciviously, as he reached down and rolled Stacey's skirt up, to fully reveal  her tight rounded buns, gift wrapped in tiny silk bikini panties.  "Hump all my holes?" thought the inexperienced Stacey, as she gyrated her  hips wildly. "What does that mean? Whatever it was, it didn't sound good."  The contrast between the bright white lingerie and Stacey's dusky skin sent  a fresh surge of blood into Jethro's rock hard penis. He ran both his big  hands up her thighs under the panties and began kneading her squirming ass  globes. Stacey groaned in indignation.  "Damn, y'all's got a big nigger butt", drawled Jethro.  Stacey had never felt such shame as she did right now, writhing to escape  the grasp of this ignorant Southerner, as he taunted her with racial slurs, and groped her exposed bottom with impunity.  "Y'all oughta make sure y'all gets a good burglar alarm to protect that  little pussy of y'all's better. "  "Stop grabbing me, you ignorant pervert! You'll be fired for this!," cried  Stacey, a wavering confidence seeping into her voice.  Ignoring her cries, Jethro carefully rolled her panties down into a wad  stretching across the top of her thighs, fully revealing Stacey's golden  bronze cheeks. With her naked ass thrust high up in the air, Jethro softly  traced along it's remarkable curves with his fingertips. Occasionally he  pinched the soft yielding buns, marveling at how such a protruding pair of  muscular buttocks were at the same time so soft and pliant. How could her  bottom be so large and prominent, yet still ideally tight and pert? Jethro  would find that Stacey's unique sexual genetics were manifested even  more perfectly in the two magical bosoms awaiting his sadistic fondling.  Feeling up the soft buns made him anxious to get at her huge titties. He  began to roll her over and then paused. A smug smile spread across his  face. There was no rush, his gorgeous captive would be at his disposal for  the entire evening. Now it was time to whup the finest nigger butt anybody  had ever seen in Dixon County.  Stacey kept bucking and squirming to escape his trespassing fingers when  suddenly.......WAP!!  Stacey's whole body jerked up into the air, as Jethro brought his belt down on  her bare bottom with his full force.  "AAAAIIIIEEEEE!!!!!!!!" she screamed, as pain shot up and down her body.  "PLEASE  NO!!! STOP!!!!" she begged, horrified that she had for the first  time ever been struck in anger.  But Jethro cracked the thick belt back down on her tender buttocks. Stacey  wailed, as tears streamed down her cheeks. She bucked up and down wildly, in  a futile attempt to escape, while her high arching butt cheeks shuddered and  wobbled in response to the each vicious blow.  WAP!!!! WAP!!!!  "This is fer taken' away a job from a white man, Nigger!"  WAP!!!! WAP!!!!  "A'int raght for no woman to be bossin' no men around at work, and  'specially no nigger woman."  WAP!!!! WAP!!!!  "Y'all think y'all can shake that big ass and those big titties around that office and gets whatever y'all wants."  WAP!!! WAP!!!!  "That's what this bull whippin's fer."  WAP!!!! WAP!!!!  On and on he beat the conceited junior executive that had so cruelly demoted him. Stacey screeched in pain, as Jethro rained blow after blow down on her with the thick leather strap. Never before had she felt so powerless as her full fleshed rear end jounced back and forth, unable to evade the brutal assault.  After over thirty lashes, Jethro leaned forward and forced his index  finger into the crack between her quivering ass cheeks. He pushed it's  coarse tip against the tiny rosebud of her anal entrance.  "Noo!!! What on earth are you doing?" blubbered Stacey, stifling her sobs  and clenching her burning buns together tightly.  "OK, you stuck up little jungle bunny, Ah'll give y'all a choice. Y'all can  either blow me, or Ah'm gonna dry rape this little virgin ass hole of y'all's.  What's it gonna be? Give me a good blow job, and Ah maght just let y'all go."  Stacey froze with fear. "He wants to force that enormous penis into my anus?" she thought, "Do people do such things to one another? Is it even possible?" She knew she didn't want to find out.  "Please leave me alone and go away you hooligan!" she begged.  Jethro screwed his face up and imitated Stacey in a high pitched nasal  Northern accent "'Please leave me alone you hooligan.' Stop talkin' like a  goddamn Yankee white person!! Y'all's my fuckin' nigger now. Since y'all  ain't gonna blow me, get ready, cuz I'm about cram 13 inches of prime grade  good ole boy sausage up y'all's butt hole."  "No!!! gasped Stacey as she turned numb with panic, "Stop. Okay. I'll do  whatever you want, if you go away and leave me alone." Stacey had heard the  term blow job before, but had no idea what it meant. Whatever it was, it  couldn't be worse than anal rape.  This wasn't Jethro's first sexual assault. 10 years ago when he was 18,  Jethro had just graduated from the Robert E. Lee High, Dixon county's  all white school. He had been the star quarterback of a football team that had won the Mississippi state championship two years in a row. The season after  Jethro's graduation the team played poorly. For the homecoming football  game they faced Martin Luther King High, an all black school across town.  Led by their quarterback, Leroy Washington, not only did MLK dominate  Jethro's old team, but shamelessly ran up the score to 72-0.  Furious that his alma mater was humiliated on their home field by the black  school, Jethro and six of his old football buddies decided to get even. Leroy  Washington's mother was the best looking woman anyone had seen in Dixon County, until Stacey arrived. She was only 33 years old and looked like  Whitney Houston, except she had perfect 40 inch DD breasts. Jethro and  his friends broke into their house late one night wearing KKK hoods. They made Mrs. Washington kneel on the floor and suck their cocks while they stood around her in a circle. Best of all, Leroy was home. They tied him to a chair and made him watch, while they gang raped his mom all night long.  At first, Mrs. Washington had acted very reluctant and disgusted during the  'circle' blow job session. But after Jethro lay down on the floor and made  her sit on his face, she heated up fast. As Stacey would soon discover,  Jethro was an all world pussy sucker. Mrs. Washington started orgasming on  his tongue, while she took turns sucking on four big fat cocks and jerking  off another two, one with each hand.  They stayed until dawn and fucked the gorgeous negress in every possible  position, including the "reverse oreo". This was where one red neck fucked  her pussy from underneath while another raped her ass from the top, thus  forming a sweaty sandwich, white on the outside and black on the inside.  This had been a Klan favorite for generations. It was popular during gang  rapes, because it left room for two guys to stand in front and get blown and  two more to stand on each side and get hand jobs. It didn't take long for  poor Mrs. Washington to start having multiple orgasms on their penises and  squealing like a pig. Jethro and his buddies knew exactly what noises pigs made when they were being raped.  After they all shot their wads several times, they made Mrs. Washington  start sucking on her son's cock. Once those two got going, they started  humping each other like a pair of wild dogs, while the seven red neck  football players stood around in their white hoods laughing and cheering.  Jethro had brought his camcorder along and videotaped that part. It wasn't  too surprising that Leroy and his mother never reported them to the police, even though they knew it was Jethro and his friends that had assaulted them.  Now Jethro had another African-American beauty in his clutches-tied up like  calf ready for branding. Her body was unimaginably delectable and he didn't have to share her with anybody. Best of all, she was the most arrogant damned nigger he had ever met, and had personally tried to fuck him over!! It couldn't get any better than this.  "Well now that's more like it." said Jethro with a big smile as he untied  Stacey's ankles and pulled her off the bed. He wrapped his belt around her  neck and pulled it taut, but not too tight, her throat would soon need room  to expand. Yanked forward by the belt, Stacey found herself back on her  knees, staring in fear at Jethro's towering erection, which jutted straight  out at her like a malignant serpent waiting to strike. He stepped over her and slowly lowered his giant scrotum onto her upturned face. The stunning executive's beautiful features clouded over in a mixture of incredulity and  consternation as the vast wrinkly flesh bag enveloped her mouth, nose and chin. The two peach sized testes lolled over each side of her classic cheek bones and pressed in warmly against her face. Above her, the thick vein-ridged shaft rose majestically upward. Jethro began to stroke it rhythmically with his  hand.  "This is as low as I can stoop!" thought the mortified Stacey, "If I can just  endure this, he'll let me go, and I can have him fired from work and then arrested." After a few minutes of jerking on himself and rolling his scrotum  and balls around on Stacey's face, Jethro raised himself back up and let  the two sperm laden testicles swing just over Stacey's lips.  "Now kiss mah balls!!" he demanded.  Stacey curled her lips in disdain. "No way am I going to ......"  WAP!!!!!!! The big open face of Jethro's right hand cracked across her cheek. The whole left side of her face exploded in pain, as her head  snapped to the right, her long hair flying over her face.  "That's what we call a bitch slap 'round these parts, nigger girl!!!!"  Jethro shouted angrily down at her, "Now no more sasssin' me, ye hear!  Kiss mah balls or Ah'll dry rape y'all's tight ass little butt hole rawht  now!!!!"  Stars sparkled before her as she slowly turned her head back and shook the  hair from face. Stacey's beautiful green eyes bore up at Jethro with a look  of pure hatred, but she submitted to his perverted demand, tentatively  pecking at the huge hairy balls swinging to and fro above her.  Jethro felt a victorious thrill surge through his body, while the uppity black woman, who had taken his job, smooched his giant testicles like a pet dog.  This was the feeling the ancient Huns, true men, must have experienced  after vanquishing their male enemies in battle. Shooting your seed into the  womb of an enemy tribes woman, while she squirmed and struggled in  resistance, must have been the greatest feeling in the world. Unfortunately for Stacey, Jethro intended to act out as much of his barbarian fantasy as possible on her lithe and supple body.  "Now open up!!!" he demanded, pushing her head back and pressing the tip  of his grotesque cock head against her shapely pouting lips. Throbbing with  urgency, it was as thick as the end of a baseball bat. Stacey had hoped that a "blow job" was limited to pressing her lips against his scrotum, but it was clear now that he intended to somehow insert his deformed hunk of flesh  into her mouth. She kept her lips sealed tight until Jethro raised his right hand up into the air to strike her again. Flinching, she slowly opened her mouth to  accept the pulsing tool. Her jaws opened up wide, as the blunt nosed organ surged forward. It's mushroom shaped crown rolled her lips inward while slowly forcing it's way into her moist mouth. Her jaws opened wider and wider, until they were stretched to their limit, but the huge cock head kept forcing it's way forward until, unbelievably, it popped all the way in. It was so wide, that it pressed into both of her cheeks at the same time, giving her the look of a squirrel with a mouthful of nuts. Her jaws aching, the rapist started rotating his hips rhythmically, exploring her soft pallette with his rock-hard manhood.  Stacey was almost nauseous with disgust, as she puffed for air through her  narrow aquiline nose. She couldn't believe that this Cro-Magnon had  actually forced his gigantic organ, something he urinated through, into  her mouth.  Jethro gazed down admiringly at his captive. She had the most beautiful  facial features of any woman he had ever seen. Even a top super model would kill for such perfection. The sight of that spectacular face impaled on the end his long thick phallus, with those full lips stretched all the way  around it's circumference, and her eyes crossed in shocking bewilderment, made his fully loaded balls ache with anticipation.  Stacey's watery eyes were wide open, reflecting a blend of fear, surprise and disgust, as the huge slab of meat probed around in her fully stuffed oral cavity. "How long will this torment last?" she thought. Stacey was gravely mistaken, if she thought Jethro would ejaculate quickly. Unfortunately for our distressed heroine, the muscular red neck was renowned among the women of Dixon County, not just for his oversized equipment, but also for his indefinite stamina. And tonight he planned to give his captive Nubian princess a record setting  sexual workout, before fouling her with his Aryan seed.  Jethro lurched forward, cramming his cock crown against her throat entrance. Stacey gagged and drew back sharply, causing the flesh helmet to disgorge from her mouth with a loud popping noise, as she retched and gasped for air. Immediately Jethro pushed her face into his balls and began shucking his dick wildly, using her saliva as lubricant.  "That throat of y'all's feels nice and tight, nigger girl. I cain't wait to fuck it!" he sneered lasciviously.  "Please no!" Stacey muffled into his ball sac. He can't really intend to  force that thing down my throat, she thought. "You'll choke me to death,  Jethro!"  "Maybe. Y'all's gonna wish y'all had big wide nigger nostrils to breathe  through 'stead of that pretty little white gal's nose y'all got. Now suck!!" he shouted, grabbing the belt and jerking her face forward into his groin.  Stacey was powerless to resist as he crammed the giant snake back into her  mouth. Jethro pulled on the belt, forcing her mouth down onto the thick  pulsing gland. Lewd slurping, choking and strangling noises filled Stacey's  bedroom, as she battled the marauding boner. Tears streamed down her cheeks  while she twisted her wrists inside the handcuffs behind her back.  "HOOOWWIIIIEEE!!!" exclaimed Jethro, swiveling his hips as he tried to  stretch the cartilage of Stacey's tiny throat entrance to accept his gigantic pole. After what seemed an eternity of hard thrusts and grinding twists the broad cock helmet finally forced it's way into her spasming throat passage. To her amazement and great discomfort, he began fucking the rigid prick head in and out of the gullet opening. Sweat pored down her forehead as she struggled for oxygen.  "Take it all, you snot nosed coon!!" shouted Jethro. He delighted in the  way the gagging caused her narrow throat canal to constrict around his fat prick. Deeper and deeper he penetrated into her distended throat,  pummeling her virgin tonsils. As the broad cock head slid through her  throat, it caused Stacey's thin dainty neck to bulge out, as if a snake was  digesting a mouse. She could feel every hard vein on his penis, as it slid  back and forth in her fully filled cavity.  On and on he throat raped his prisoner, until finally, with one last powerful  thrust, he drove the rigid meat tube into the hilt, ramming her nose into his sweaty pubic hair. Fully impaled on his massive prong, Stacey's tiny nose twitched for air inside his dense pubic jungle.  "See now," Jethro laughed lewdly, enjoying the extra stimulation he received  as she squirmed to escape, "that wasn't so hard. Y'all's an obedient little  jungle bunny."  Stacey was in a state of utter paralysis, only moments ago she had been on  top of the world, basking in the glory of her career success. Now, in what  seemed a flash, she was on her knees before an insane Ku Klux Klansman  performing a sword swallowing act on his thick 13 inch penis. And who knew  what further indignities he had planned for her?  To her great relief, Jethro slowly withdrew the massive organ from her  throat. Stacey coughed and gasped for air, as it popped out of her mouth.  He began swinging his two studly testicles just above her upturned face.  "Now c'mon you lazy pickaniny. Get to work sucking mah cock off or A'hm  gonna ruin y'all's little butt hole rawght now."  Stacey broke out in a cold sweat, as she gulped and stared wide-eyed up at  Jethro's mammoth genitalia. She couldn't believe that something of that  size could force itself into her rectum, but it had managed to fully  penetrate her throat, itself a very narrow cavity. She had heard that men  can't get erect for a long time after orgasm. Her heart sank, as she faced a  grim reality, her only chance to avoid a catastrophic anal assault, was to do  something totally unthinkable, fellate this giant donkey penis until it  ejaculated. Hopefully she wouldn't gag to death trying.  Overcoming her indignation and disgust, she began slowly sucking and  smacking on the red neck's ugly big veined phallus. Jethro groaned with  delight, as the conceited African-American beauty reluctantly pleasured his  fully erect tool with her warm wet mouth. Tears dribbled down her cheeks, as she ran her tongue up the sensitive veined underside of the imposing  shaft, from base to tip. Her nose scrunched up in disdain, she forced herself to kiss and lick his bloated balls. Blubbering sobs punctuated loud slurping noises, as she laved her tongue around the knobby rock hard cock head. Her beautiful face grimacing with contempt, she planted series after series of wet kisses all the way up and down the hot pulsing man meat. With great difficulty, and more rough assistance from Jethro, she took the whole penis deep down  her throat again, huffing and puffing for oxygen through her petite nose. Five minutes turned into ten, then ten into twenty. The barbaric forced blow job  seemed endless.  With her jaws aching, Stacey sucked harder and harder, desperately trying to  induce an ejaculation. In her only two previous sexual experiences, the men  had orgasmed only a minute or two after entering her. But after over half an hour of servicing Jethro's intimidating sex organ, it seemed to only get bigger and harder. She wondered if she'd ever again be the same self-confident, assertive Stacey, after experiencing this horrid trauma. Little did she understand the profound forces trapped deep inside her submerged inner-self, forces that tonight would be unleashed with a shocking fury.  It began as a slight tingling sensation between her legs, about twenty minutes into the marathon suck session. A feeling of warmth slowly enveloped her pubic region, and she felt something twitch. "It can't be!" she thought, as  she gagged for the umpteenth time on the disgusting boner. Her clitoris was swollen and throbbing! She was aghast. How could that be? The warmth intensified, and soon her clitoris was fully erect, something that until now had only happened in her sleep. She began to experience a sensation that felt like  an itch, but it wasn't an itch. It was more of a yearning, closer to hunger or  thirst than anything else she knew. And despite urgent orders from her intellect, it felt very very good.  Centered right on her pulsing clitoris, the "itch" began causing her discomfort. Soon she felt a need to reach down and touch herself, but with her arms restrained behind her back, she could only shift around and wiggle her pelvis. This caused her clitoris to begin rubbing against her panties, which only increased the heat and itchiness. This was obviously the sexual arousal she had never felt before. Her head spun with confusion. "What cauldron of depravity have I fallen into?" she thought, "Here I am on my knees, with my hands bound behind my back, blackmailed by the threat of anal rape into using my mouth,  tongue and throat to ejaculate a southern bigot's enormous penis. And now my vagina is sopping wet and for the first time ever. I want to desperately reach down and grab my horrible clitoris."  Suddenly a frightening thought flashed into her mind. "What if he was planning to look at her vagina? He would see her clitoris wet and erect!! She would die of embarrassment! This assault must end now!" she thought, and she began sucking on the 13-inch long deformity with a renewed vigor.   Jethro moaned in pleasure. He was surprised how much effort Stacey started putting into blowing him. "What is she up to?" he thought. "She can't be  enjoying this. Well, that would have to stop immediately, she wasn't supposed  to be having any fun."  As bad as Stacey's plight was, it now took an ugly turn for the worse. It  wouldn't be the last time that happened this evening. Grabbing a handful of  hair just above her forehead, Jethro jerked her head back and forced her to  look up at him.  "Say 'I'm yo' nigger, Jethro Suh'!!!" he barked while thudding his spit soaked cock crown against her exotic facial features. Stacey's heart sank. It was terrible enough being verbally badgered with racial epithets by this vile bigot, nobody had ever called her a nigger before, but to be forced to repeat these terrible slurs  herself, was a humiliation beyond conception. But what choice did she have now but to comply? Refusal would surely result in more 'bitch slaps'. Worse still, he might proceed to remove her panties and view her vagina, something that terrified her now even more than the prospect of an anal invasion. Her only hope  was to satisfy this sick monster's sexual need. Perhaps repeating these vulgar phrases in that insulting low class black dialect would help induce an ejaculation. Goodness knew she had already tried everything possible with her lips, mouth  and throat.  Stacey looked up at her attacker with furrowed brow and beautiful pouting eyes. "'I'm your nigger, Jethro Sir," she said meekly.  He started dragging his huge scrotum and balls back and forth over her lips,  nose and eyes.  "That's a good nigger girl. Now say, 'You da boss man, Jethro'."  Stacey paused, took a deep breath, as his giant testicles rolled across her  eyes and repeated dutifully, "You da Boss man, Jethro."  WAP!!!! Jethro slammed another bitch slap across the left side of Stacey's face.  "Y'all didn't say 'Sir', nigger girl!!!!"  "You da Boss man, Sir," said Stacy quickly, as she turned her head back, her  cheek burning, and shook her hair from her face.  Unbelievably, her clitoris started throbbing harder and strained out against her panties in response to the sharp blow. "What on earth is happening to me?" she thought in alarm.  Jethro jerked her head forward and crammed the cock back into her mouth.  "Now say 'I'm yo little nigger ho', Mr. Boss Man'!!" he shouted angrily.  Choking, with the fat cock head pressed hard against her gullet entrance, she  gurgled out the words around it's turgid girth. "Am your lil' nigger ho mishr bouth man thur."  She could feel her clitoris swell up even more, and begin pulsing with heat.  It was on fire! She had never felt such a thing. She couldn't believe she  was responding with brazen lust to this crude and violent attack.  "That sounds real nice. Y'all's makin' da boss man real happy." he said, forcing  his penis back down into her throat canal. "Say 'Ah'm sorry Ah dissed Whitey, boss man!!'"  "Mm sawee ah disht whawee bawth man shur." grunted Stacey with great  difficulty.  Her oversized clitoris began twitching spasmodically, almost as if it had a  will of it's own, and was trying to stroke itself against the thin wet panty  fabric that it clung to. Stacey's head whirled. How was it possible, that  in the midst of this unimaginably horrific physical and verbal assault, her  hands were trying to break free of her handcuffs and fondle that terrible  erect obtrusion between her legs?  Jethro now began to pump his dick urgently in and out of his beautiful  captive's face. He held her head between his hands and pounded the thick  base of his cock into her lips on each full downstroke. His huge balls  swung underneath her chin and slapped loudly against her throat. Sweat  poured down his forehead, while he jerked her head back and forth like a  rag doll, taking out years of pent up frustration on his piteous prisoner.  Stacey was numb with horror, as the hulking brute jack hammered his huge tool  in and out of her esophagus. Even more terrifying though, was the searing heat emanating from her clitoris, inside her fluid soaked panties. Suddenly Jethro's muscular back arched.  "AARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!" he shouted triumphantly, as he  climaxed, shooting a copious jet of warm liquid down her throat. Jethro bayed  like a wolf at the moon, as Stacey gagged on the fluid. With no other escape  route, the hot jism shot up through her sinus passage and spurted out of her  nostrils. Grabbing a handful of Stacy's hair, Jethro yanked the big boner  out of her mouth and jerked at it wildly in front of her stunned visage.  Time stood still for a brief second, as her eyes locked onto the trembling eye of Jethro's cock head. Then it burst, in seemingly slow motion, a huge wad  of steaming spunk shot out, twisted end over end through the air, and struck  her gorgeous face with a loud splat. Clenching her silken hair tightly in his fist, Jethro vigorously frigged his exploding shaft of flesh. Multiple spasms of pleasure tore through his cock, and more semen streamed forth, gluing  Stacey's eyes shut.   Jethro groaned in relief, as his cock lurched and jerked again and again,  spurting out gusher after gusher of his heavy, egg-laden sperm. Ten times it jumped  and erupted, then fifteen, then twenty, spitting out his life's cream  from his fully loaded donkey balls, onto Stacey's perfectly formed features. Finally spent, he carefully squeezed out the last smelly gobs, then used his  dick to slowly spread the hot goo around her face. Exhaling deeply, he  slapped at her cheeks and nose with the broad prick head and rubbed it back and forth against her lips and teeth.  Stacey groaned in defeat. She would never live down the ignominy of this  moment. Not only had this primitive Neanderthal spewed what seemed a  pint of his disgusting seed all over her face, but she had actually swallowed  some of it. "Nothing could possibly be worse than what she had just  experienced." she thought to herself, "Thank god it was finally over!" At  least she had had the courage to satisfy that deformed penis and avoid any  further sexual attack.  "Whew," said Jethro, wiping perspiration from his forehead, "Looks like I  done gave y'all a facial, Miss Big Shot!"  "Unlock these handcuffs right now, you sick bastard, and get out of here, !"  demanded Stacey, spitting and coughing as the thick mask of semen slowly  oozed down her face and began dripping off her chin.  Ignoring her, Jethro went into the bathroom and came back with a towel and  wet washcloth. Carefully he wiped all the cum from her pretty bronze face.  "Ah'd love to let this stuff dry up on y'all , but Ah might do some lickin'  there later and Ah don't cotton to eatin' mah own cum."  Stacey's heart almost stopped.  "But you promised you'd let me go!," she cried.  "Ah didn't promise nuthin'. Ah said 'maybe' Ah'd let y'all go. Besahdes,  y'all cain't suck no cock. Ah've gotten better head from a goddamn she-goat." laughed Jethro.  Horror seized Stacey. She had only performed that profane oral act in order  to end to this nightmare. Now this sociopath was going to see her erect  clitoris anyway. Her instinct told her to try and make a run for the door, but having been bound, beaten and throat fucked, she now felt completely helpless against her powerful dominator. Stacey sobbed and trembled all over, as she submissively awaited unimaginable humiliation.  Jethro dragged her onto the bed and rolled her over on her back. Forcing her  knees apart, he reached in between her legs and grabbed her silk panties in  his fist.  "Let's have a look see at that fancy Harvard nigger pussy now," he sneered,  ripping the panties off.  "HOLY SHIT!!!.', Jethro exclaimed, his jaw gaping as he peered in between  his boss's long shapely legs. "What the hell is that?!"  Stacey whimpered in utter shame, swiveling her hips frantically on top of her handcuffed wrists in a futile attempt to shield her naked pubic area from Jethro's wide-eyed stare. Her thick engorged clitoris, still fully erect, protruded a full two inches up in the air, it's slick pink surface glistening with moisture.  "Y'all's got y'all's own goddamn pecker!!" cried Jethro in amazement. He  reached out and squeezed it firmly between his thumb and index finger.  "AAAYYYIIIIEE!!!!! Stacey screamed. Her pelvis bucked up in the air as the clitoris's densely packed nerve cells immediately exploded in orgasm. Never before felt sensations rocketed down her legs and up her back as she wriggled to escape the crude bigot's pinching fingertips.  "Let go of me, you red neck bastard!!," she cried, stunned by the burning flashes of pleasure pulsing through her body. "Why is my body doing this to me?" she thought in dismay, "How can this disgusting pig be causing me pleasure?"  'Well Gawldang!!!" cried Jethro, grinning broadly. "If that ain't the dangdest  thang Ah ever did see. Looks like y'all's little friend there done got all hot and bothered, just by y'all suckin' on ole Jethro's dong."  Stacey sucked in sharply as he released his grip, her brown complexion  deepening in embarrassment. Jethro started flicking her clitoris back and  forth with his index finger, as Stacey squirmed to evade his touch. The  bizarre nerve stick began to redden and puff up even more, until it stood an  incredible three inches high, as thick as a cigar stogie. Stacey held her  breath in a desperate effort to remain quiet, but another firm pinch from  her hated rapist brought the release of a long involuntary wail, a mixture of angry frustration and raging desire.  "Well Gawldang!! Y'all's startin' t' like ole Jethro." he taunted.  Poor Stacey. Just when she thought she had reached rock bottom, another trap  door opened up, sending her plummeting down to a deeper level of shame and  degradation. She thought the worse thing that could possibly happen to her,  would be for this terrible monster to see her erect clitoris. But it was  immeasurably more humiliating to listen to him snicker at her cries of pleasure while he manipulated her traitorous love muscle to force her into orgasm after orgasm.  "Damn! That thing looks so much like a prick, A'hm gonna feel like a goddamn faggot sucking on it!" said Jethro.  Stacey's beautiful slanted eyes widened in amazement, as he extended his long  tongue out of his mouth.  "Oh no, please don't!!!! Not with that!!!" she pleaded.  Even though he was hung like a mastodon, Jethro was perhaps more well known  among the women of Dixon county for his oversized tongue. Not only could he lick his forehead with it, but he could also carefully groom his eyebrows with it's muscular tip. Few women in a bar on Saturday night could resist Jethro's advances after he put on that show, and none regretted the experience later.  The inexperienced Stacey cringed, as the abnormal organ swept down to maul  her most guarded personal body part. Jethro buried his face in her moist vulva, plastering his lips to the long pink clitoris. The next phase of her ordeal had begun.  For over an hour Jethro ravaged Stacey's clitoris and vagina with his lips,  tongue and teeth. She begged him to stop as she rotated her hips to escape, but the muscular probing tongue was unrelenting. She lay back with her eyes  closed tight, as long paroxysms of pleasure shuddered through her musculature. The orgasms caused her pelvis to repeatedly arch up into Jethro's slobbering maw and he loudly slurped down her flowing fluids like a man dying of thirst.  Jethro was astounded at Stacey's over-the-top sexual response. He had  serviced some wild nymphomaniacs in his time, but he hadn't seen anything  like this. Even more incredible however, was the taste and odor of her pussy juices. As a proud, certified cunt hound, Jethro enjoyed the musty fish smell that women released from their vaginas. But Stacey's juices actually smelled sweet and tasted honey like. As he gulped down mouthfuls of her pheromone filled love nectar, his cock sprang back to attention, and he screwed his face again and again into her soaking loins, eating her pussy like a wild animal.  Orgasm after orgasm brought no satisfaction to Stacey, on the contrary each  fresh burst of pleasure only seemed to stoke a fire building within her. Jethro repeatedly clamped his mouth over her fully aroused clit knob, causing her pelvis to buck up and down uncontrollably. Unwanted cries of pleasure  escaped her lips by the dozens, as she was buffeted by pulsating waves of  erotic stimulus. Stacey's psyche was rocked to the core, how could she be  experiencing sexual pleasure from this monstrous attack? She redoubled her  efforts to douse the flames of desire flaring out from her loins.  Suddenly she felt a sharp pain and her head snapped up. She was greeted  with the nightmarish image of Jethro holding the tip of her clit between his  front teeth. Stacey screeched in pain, as he slowly pulled away, stretching the elastic hunk of flesh out an amazing five inches from her body, before it slipped from his teeth and snapped back to her pelvis with a loud slap. The impact caused Stacey to yelp aloud, and her entire body jerked spasmodically, as if she had stuck her finger in a light socket. Jethro immediately attacked the sensitive flesh knob, sucking and nipping it's fat turgid length. Then he again pulled it out with his teeth, only to let it snap back. Stacey yipped and squealed at the pleasure/pain, and writhing like a snake under the cruel red neck's assault.  Then Stacey felt a strange new wet sensation. It couldn't be! She gyrated  wildly. He was licking her anus!! Indeed, Jethro had slid his hands  underneath her formidable rump and spread her cheeks, exposing her tiny anal rosebud to his lustful leer. He extended his tongue out and began  probing at the tight muscle ring, while Stacey squirmed futilely to escape.  She was petrified with shame, as the hulking red neck suckled this forbidden area with his lips and tongue. Jethro was in awe of his captive, even her ass hole smelled almost perfume like. What a freak he had on his hands!   He resisted the urge to penetrate her rectum on the spot with his hard tongue.  After completing a thorough tongue reaming of her virgin ass hole, he could  skewer a couple of fingers up there, and eat some more pussy. But no, that  would have to wait. He would deflower of this arrogant nigger's ass hole  later, slowly and with the appropriate ceremony. He returned to abuse her  insanely bloated clitoris.  Desperately Stacey tried to stop the multiple orgasms, but it was hopeless.  She was spiraling deeper and deeper into an unconscious sexual fever. Laying  back with her eyes squeezed shut, she sobbed and blubbered in between short  sharp gasps and long plaintive whines. Her pubic area was transformed into  an intense vortex of heat, from which fiery waves of dark passion and lust engulfed her. A dense haze enveloped her senses and soon she was floating in a void, where nothing existed but her over stimulated clitoris and Jethro's insistent probing tongue.  Jethro was having so much fun, he could have sucked her pussy honey all night  long, but even his powerful jaws began to tire. It was time to get his hands, and lips on those outrageous 47 double- GG nigger titties.  "Ah shore can't wait to tell everybody at work about y'all's freaky fuck stick  and how y'all creamed all over mah face, Miss Nigger Supervisor!" he drawled.  Glassy eyed and slack jawed, Stacey looked down shamefully between her  heaving breast mounds at Jethro's cum soaked face. Her stiff clitoris was  pointing straight at the ceiling, still aching with need. Stacey could never  have imagined being so fully degraded and debased.  He roughly rolled her immaculate body over, so that she lay face down on the bed.  "All raght, nympho," said Jethro, "don't think Ah forgot 'bout them big titties of y'all's."  He unfastened the handcuffs, grabbed one of her wrists and refastened it to  a metal rod on the left side base of the bed's headboard. He then took out  another pair of handcuffs and locked her right wrist to the other side of  the headboard.  "Now get up on yore knees, slave girl!!! Y'all's my house nigger now. Y'all's  gonna be Massa's number one pussy on the plantation. Y'all sass me and  Ah'll horse whup y'all's uppity ass and toss y'all out in them cotton fields. "  he threatened, slapping one of her ass cheeks sharply.  This was getting worse and worse for Stacey. Already beaten, throat raped  and forced into multiple orgasms, the sheltered African-American beauty from  the modern North now found herself starring in a full blown reenactment of a  Deep South 19th century master/slave rape. Her mind still addled from her orgasms, she numbly obeyed, slowly rising up on all fours.  Jethro scooted up beside her on his knees, and reached around under her  chest. He began roughly groping her huge mammaries through the clingy  blouse, squeezing and pulling on the bra restricted duo.  "Ah heard tell y'all's too stuck up to let a man grab hold them two big boobies, but now they's mah property. Ah had mah eye on y'all down at old man Taylor's plantation fer damn near two years. Ah heard that old faggot been teachin' y'all readin', writin', and all kahnds of fancy ass manners. They say he never touched y'all at night, nor jumped y'all's pussy in the woodshed or hayloft. That's why  when he croaked last week, Ah ran raht over and bought y'all off the estate.  Ain't raght to educate no niggers, specially not a fine piece of nigger ass like y'all. Now Ah'm gonna show y'all what a real Mississippi Massa does with a cute little pickaniny slave girl."  The orgasmic fog that had formed in Stacey's head during Jethro's cunnilingual rape was slowly lifting. Hidden reserves of strength kicked in and she began  struggling again at her bonds.  "You're going to pay for this, you ignorant cracker!! You're a goddamn bastard for doing this!!! You're not my master!! You're a sick freak!!" she cried indignantly.  "Ah said no more sassin' me, Gal!!," shouted Jethro, releasing his grip on her breasts and picking his leather belt off the floor. With her wrists restrained in front of her, she was helpless to prevent the angry red neck from taking his  strap to her bare bottom. Jethro lashed down rounded plumpness of her  exposed cheeks.  WAP!!!  "AAAAIIIIYYEEE," screamed Stacey.  Jethro thrilled to the sight of the soft flesh rippling from the force of his  powerful blows. Stacey's mounting cries of pain and frantic gyrations  caused his bloodlust to rise up and began he began lashing harder and  harder. His eyes began to glaze over as if he was channeling one of his  slave owning ancestors. Finally Stacey began to beg for mercy. She knew  had to obey Jethro even if it meant cooperating with his demented plantation  rape fantasy.  "Ok, Ok Master! I'll behave. I won't sass you anymore. I'll do whatever  you want. Please just don't hit me with that belt any more," she begged  piteously between sobs.  Jethro tossed the belt to the floor, pulled her back up on her hands and  knees, then laid on his back on the bed beside her. He then slid underneath  her, so that his face was directly under her renowned, yet until tonight  untouched, rack of tit flesh. He grabbed the neckline of thin elastic  blouse and stretched it all the way out and over her bazooka bra cones.   Stacey furrowed her brow in deep consternation, looking down helplessly at  the nightmarish sight of this racist thug exposing her billowing bra-encased  breasts.  Jethro placed a hand on the side of each bra cup and mashed them together,  gaping in awe at the bulging bronze tit flesh that strained over the bra  toward his face. Seeing the worried, pained look on Stacey's face made his  penis stiffen so hard that it hurt. Bringing this haughty black woman down  from her high horse, was more deeply gratifying than he could have ever  imagined.  "Oh mah goodness," drawled Jethro, "Ah done bought me a damn fine pair  of nigger titties. Ah think Ah may let y'all sleep on the floor at the foot of  Massa's bed at naght. Ah'm gonna chain y'all by the neck to the bedpost and  just pull y'all up on the bed, case Ah wake up horny in the middle of the  naght."  He started rolling the enormous bra encased tits between his hands. The  contrast between Stacey's copper brown flesh and the bright white of her  lingerie made his blood boil and he buried his face in the deep valley  between the gargantuan mountains.  How shameful and intolerable it was for Stacey to listen to this madman  rant his racist fantasies, while mauling her soft bosoms. Worse still, she  could feel her nipples responding to the rough manhandling. Her areolas and nipples, embarrassingly large to begin with, were ballooning up, as they  were groped through the thin fabric. Stacey gasped as a firm pinch from  Jethro sent a searing flash of heat directly from her right nipple down to  her still buzzing clitoris. Her nightmare continued. At any moment he was  sure to remove her bra, and see her nipples swollen to an ungodly size. Then she would have to endure more of his sarcastic taunting. "Oh no!" she  thought naively, "What if he is planning to attack them with that horrible  tongue?  No sooner had these thoughts crossed her mind, than Jethro reached into the  deep cleavage canyon and ripped the bra in two. Out tumbled her magnificent bosoms before the drooling red neck's widening eyes. They were truly two masterpieces of nature. Stacey's brown color darkened, as she blushed with embarrassment. Free at last, the over endowed orbs dangled an incredible 16 inches from her narrow frame, as big and as round as pair of oversized casaba melons. Despite the considerable gravitational pull, the voluptuous duo maintained a round fullness of shape, each tapering down identically in soft arcs to her two grossly erect areolas and nipples. Swaying to and fro, as Stacey struggled to escape, they had an almost hypnotic effect, an ideal expression of human duality.  Jethro gathered the two soft mounds into his hands and squeezed, so that the  bloated brown tit tips strained out toward his salivating mouth. They were  bigger and more succulent than a pair of gigantic overripe strawberries.  "Damn! exclaimed Jethro, "Yore boobies got a hard on just like yore pussy."  A final surge of indignant rage surged up within Stacey. She had endured  years of men glowering like starving animals at her oversized breasts. The  unwanted attention had made her deeply self-conscious of the luscious pair, and she had practically made an art out of concealing them from public  view. It was bad enough that they were hanging down now completely naked, exposed to the depraved stare of this slobbering hillbilly. But worse, she had been physically restrained, allowing him to touch and fondle the soft  milk mountains with impunity.  "Goddamn you, you ignorant hillbilly!" she cried, and in one final act of  defiance, she spit in her tormenter's face.  Jethro reached up and grabbed a handful of Stacey's hair.  "OOOuuch!," she yelled as he pulled her down to his face, so that she was eye  to eye and nose to nose with her bully rapist.  "Looks like Ah'm gonna just have to fuck the sass raght out of y'all, little  nigger girl," hissed Jethro.  He then began to lick all over her face with his giant tongue, while Stacey  shut her eyes in shame and disgust.  Pushing her face away, Jethro seized the two bronze pillows of flesh back into his strong hands. Her eyes brimming with tears, Stacey bit her lip and prepared to suffer what would surely be a thorough manhandling of her naked bosoms, and indeed for the next 30 minutes, the sex bandit assaulted her with wolfish delight, nuzzling, licking, sucking, tugging, pinching, slapping, twisting, and biting the dangling duo. Throughout the ordeal, Jethro remained immersed in his elaborate historical fantasy, casting Stacey as an innocent, educated slave  girl that he had purchased from the neighboring estate of a kind slave owner  who had passed away.  Unfortunately for Stacey, her newly awoken libido reacted powerfully to the  new physical stimulations visited upon her by the sexually experienced  Klansman. It felt like there was a direct nerve connecting her nipples to her clitoris, the powerful ringleader of her body's total revolt against her mind  and will. Stacey became unable to distinguish between pain and pleasure, especially when Jethro pinched both thick nipples hard and pulled down on them, stretching her giant boobs out to an improbable length. Stacey eyes bugged out wide in reaction, and she yelped out loud as flares of pleasure shot down her body to the huge throbbing pussy knob. Jethro was  transforming Stacey into a wanton slut, no different than a bitch dog in  heat.  "Look's like Ah got me a real nympho nigger. Y'all's titties makin' y'all  cum, just as much as that goddamn prick of y'all's, bitch. Now git y'all's  uppity ass up on top of me rawght now and rub that cock thing on mah prick,  you god damned freak!" commanded Jethro, slapping Stacey hard on the butt and pulling again at her hair.  Over four hours of cruel domination by the vile red neck had eroded all  further ability to resist. Submitting obediently, she swung her leg over and  straddled Jethro. Her buzzing clitoris was an intensely burning itch that  needed to be scratched. As soon it made contact with Jethro's stiff cock  pole, she involuntarily began sliding it up and down it's hard veined  exterior.  "AAAAAGGGHHHAAADDH!!!" she screamed, as her sweet aromatic  orgasm juices gushed forth. Stacey finally surrendered totally to the  pulsating forces of pleasure possessing her. She began urgently rubbing her oversized fuck knob back and forth on top of the rock hard prick. Jethro  continued abusing the jiggling tit flesh, dancing chaotically above his face, pinching and twisting her bulbous elongated nipples like a wild man. With  his big right hand, he began loudly spanking her perfect round ass cheeks as she slid frantically back and forth. Multiple orgasms began popping off like  machine gun fire, but somehow her clitoris just got bigger and hornier.  Each fresh orgasm served to only intensify her  "Now I'm gonna rape mah slave's pussy." drawled Jethro. Lifting her pelvis in the air, he brought his cock up to a 45-degree angle and placed it's huge  misshapen crown against the moist petals of Stacey's perfect pussy mouth.  To both of their surprise, she immediately threw her weight down, impaling  herself four inches onto the stiff cock bat.  "Uuuuggggnnnnuhhh!!!!! Stacey grunted, as an entirely different set of  sensations rocketed out from her vagina.   Instinctively she began humping up and down on the thick rod, stretching  out the tiny pocket of her long neglected pussy with each urgent down stroke.  "Yeehaw!!! Giddy up, little heifer!!!" shouted Jethro. He slapped away at  her wobbling rump flesh, elated to be finally fucking his gorgeous captive.  As she humped up and down, her engorged nipples swung wildly in front of his  eyes. Stacey grunted with pleasure, as he began catching one and then the  other in his teeth and tugging at it, while the attached mammaries strained  to bounce away. Her narrow vaginal wall was gradually expanding to accept  more of Jethro's monstrous cock. Soon her down thrusts were engulfing two  thirds of the prick in her sopping raped hole. The thrusting cock head began  ramming into the mysterious nodes and bumpy regions of Stacey's womb  entrance. Ancient primal cravings surged up in her, as the prick head  hammered into her cervix. Suddenly Jethro lifted Stacey off the big prick  and she collapsed on his chest.  "Y'all's gonna have plenty of time to diddle 'round in there, nympho. Rawht  now y'all's gonna suck all the pussy juice off mah weenie." said Jethro, a  new sound of authority in his voice, as he savored his hated supervisor's submission to his power.  Jethro raised himself up against the headboard of the bed into a sitting  position so that Stacey's face was right in front of his crotch, her wrists still handcuffed to the headboard on either side of him. His mighty white phallus pointed straight up at the ceiling, dripping from top to bottom with her cum juices. The tangle of veins along the shaft pulsed and gorged the giant cock crown with blood. Her mind numb from orgasm, she gazed at it in bewilderment. Inconceivably, the already enormous penis had swollen up even bigger than before. Jethro pulled Stacey's head up by the hair. Her beautiful green eyes were glazed over and unfocussed.  "What's y'all waitin' for, you lazy nigger? Thawt Ah done trained y'all  already how to suck Massa's pecker. Now get to work!!" yelled Jethro, ramming the wet cock head into her mouth.  This time Stacey would not have been able to get her lips around the angry  knob, if it hadn't been lubricated with her gooey cum. She took it back into  her throat and out again. Then she slurped and laved her way up and down  the long white shaft, licking all of her cum off of his colossal bull's balls. Lost in a delirium, she began to voluntarily play the part of Jethro's  plantation "house nigger", willfully demeaning her race and gender.  "You're the man, Massa," she grunted, as she pulled her tiny mouth off his  bulging cock helmet with a loud suctioning pop.  "Yes sir, boss man," rubbing her petite nose around in his abnormally large  scrotum, suckling his balls.  "I'm your little nigger ho', Massa," she hissed, jamming her throat back  down on the thick fuck tool.  "I'm sorry I dissed the white man, Sir. Y'all's rawght. Ah gots no place  readin' and writin'." part of a huge testicle in her mouth muffling the words.  "Yassa Whitey suh, I won't sass y'all no mo', suh." planting another series  of loud slurpy kisses on the broad mushroom shaped cock crown.  "Please don't make me work in dem cotton fields, Massa, suh. I'll be a good  little house nigger." laving her tongue up an down his pure white shaft.  "Then get y'all's little black pussy back on mah big white massa's cock!" commanded Jethro, sliding back down underneath Stacey.  The sound of slapping sex echoed down the hallway of Stacey's plush condo  for over an hour, as she alternated between humping Jethro's stiff horse  meat with her vagina and lewdly servicing it with her mouth and throat.  Jethro couldn't believe this stuck up prude was giving him his best fuck ever.  Stacey had lost all sense of self, time and place, possessed only with the  urgent need to trigger the massive orgasm building up deep within her loins. As the fuck session progressed, it became more and more difficult for Jethro to pull her pussy off of his giant schlong, and force her head back down to  suck him. Finally, crazed from the prolonged teasing, Stacey was able to hold  Jethro's arms down on the bed with her elbows, in order to extend her pussy  riding time. He couldn't believe her adrenaline induced strength, as she pinned him down to the bed. She started jumping up and down feverishly on the penis, cramming the full girth of it's broad base into her grasping pussy on every  downstroke.   Jethro had never been fucked so hard, as she gyrated her hips wildly on top of him. Gradually, he began to experience what was for him a unique sensation.  For the first time ever, he felt his erectile control slipping away. To his  astonishment, he was soon actually fighting to keep from shooting his load.  Stacey's two spectacular breast orbs were slapping together above his now  gaping mouth, providing a soft counterpoint to the hard jungle beat of the fuck. Growling guttural noises escaped her clenched teeth, while her pussy pulsated  and heaved on the giant cock slab. Given over completely to instinct, the two rutted away, the most attractive female of the species trying to extract the seed of the most virile male and plant it as deep in her womb as possible.  Stacey's eyes rolled up into her head, and she began hyperventilating as she  neared her climax. Finally it struck like the Big Bang itself.  "AAAAAOOOOOOWWWWWWIIIIEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!," she screamed as a final bolt of sexual electricity ripped up her spine and exploded in her brain.   From there a shock wave of ecstasy spread out to the tip of her every nerve  ending. From head to toe, her entire body knotted up and every synapse in her body burst simultaneously. With her huge pendulous bosoms smothering  Jethro's face, her pussy clamped onto his massive fuck pole with a death grip and humped it, until to Jethro's pleasure and dismay, he succumbed involuntarily to his own orgasm. Still cuming herself, Stacey kept jerking the shuddering penis off, until she milked every last tiny spermatozoa into her awaiting womb entrance. Her task complete, she collapsed in an insensible heap on Jethro's chest.  Deep inside her, millions of tiny sperm set out on a vital mission, to fertilize the egg containing the diverse genes of a race long separated from them by arbitrary geographic and social barriers.                            Part II  When Stacey came to, she felt like she was floating on an opium cloud. She slowly stretched out her lithe body and basked in a heavenly state of relaxation.  Like after shocks, tiny strands of different muscle groups vibrated and  twitched all over her body. A big smile spread across her face, as she  gracefully rolled over. Something pulled at her wrist, handcuffs? Memories  flooded back. She raised her head up and looked around. He was gone! She  looked at the clock. Midnight!? Suddenly she heard footsteps in the hallway  and Jethro walked in, his huge semi-erect penis swinging back and forth like  an elephant trunk.  "Y'all's awake! Y'all's been out cold for twenty minutes. Thought'd Ah'd  done fucked y'all to death!"  Only twenty minutes!, thought Stacey. I got home at 5.30! Six hours of rape  and humiliation! Shame filled her again, as she reflected back on the evening's long proceedings. How could she have behaved the way she did during the assault? She couldn't remember anything about the final orgasm. Already her rational mind's defense mechanisms were rallying to block out the entire experience from her memory.  Jethro meanwhile, was about to deliver something to Stacey that she was  sure to never forget, a vigorous anal grudge hump. He was really pissed off. Jethro could barely admit to himself that he had been unable to control the timing of his last ejaculation. His iron control, not his oversized equipment, was the cornerstone to his greatness as a lover. He had always been able to  fuck pussies as long and as hard as he wanted. His loss of control with Stacey was a challenge to his masculinity. With two ejaculations already tonight, he  knew his staying power would be unlimited for the coming ass rape. He did  not want to get out fucked by this bitch again. She was going to know for  damn sure who the Boss was before he left.  Another thought occurred to him. "Was it possible that she would enjoy the  butt fuck too? Given her track record so far, he couldn't rule it out. He had  hardly come here to cause her pleasure."  Jethro paused and smiled. He had an idea that would be sure to discomfort  his over stimulated captive. He removed Stacey's handcuffs and spun her around 180 degrees so her head faced the foot of the four post canopy bed. Grabbing a pair of expensive silk scarves from her drawer, he tied one to  each of her wrists.  "On you knees, Cunt!" he commanded, pulling her up by her left arm and  fastening the scarf high up on the bedpost  "Yeeeouch!" cried Stacey, as Jethro yanked her other arm up in the air and  tied the scarf on the opposite bedpost.  Stacey now found herself kneeling on the edge of the bed with her arms  stretched out above her head in a "Y" formation. Jethro stepped back and  stared in awe at his beautiful prisoner. This was the first time that he had  seen her breasts naked while she was upright. In spite of all laws of  physical nature, the full rounded bosoms didn't sag one centimeter, but  instead thrust straight out in the air in front of her. It was as if they were  levitating magically in thin air, swaying sexily and jiggling like Jell-O, as she tugged at her restraints.  Jethro marveled at the sight. How could those big soft pillows of flesh not  droop down at all, when her back was arched upright like this? The sight of  her alone caused his mouth to water. Her skinny tapered waist accenting her  oval womanly hips. Her strong sinewy thighs narrowing down to thin succulent  calves. The tight rounded ass cheeks curving way out behind her, in perfect  arcs. Her long flowing hair framing her flawless facial features. Jethro had seen  many beautiful women naked, but Stacey looked like she had walked right out of a Playboy photograph, airbrushed to perfection. Once again her brow was  furrowed with anxiety, as she watched Jethro devour her body with his  predatory stare.  His heart racing again with lust, he stepped up close to Stacey. Her head was  about even with his chest. Opening his hands wide, he pushed his palms into  the incredibly pointy nipples. He then closed his fists tightly onto the yielding boobs.  "Oooouchh!," cried Stacey in protest.   He slowly lifted Stacey up by her breasts, pulling her face toward his.  "AAAAGGGGHHR!!!," she cried in pain as her knees rose off of the bed. Jethro  buried his tongue in her mouth, slithering it deep into her bruised esophagus. She  groaned aloud as he released his grip, dropping her back to the bed.  "Ah'm gonna give y'all another whuppin' now, nigger girl. Y'all's been enjoying Jethro's pecker too much. My grandpappy told me you niggers gotta get whupped regular to keep y'all from gettin' uppity. And A'hm also gettin' a little tired of  y'all's yelpin'."   Jethro rolled up another of Stacey's silk scarves into a ball and stuffed it into her mouth. Her eyes widened in fear and she mumbled protests into the gag as Jethro picked his thick leather belt off the floor.  THWACK!!  Stacey released a muffled scream as Jethro cracked the belt directly across her unprotected breasts. The magnificent duo jounced crazily in reaction to the blow.  THWACK!!  A second hard stroke sent the succulent glands into a another frenzy of chaotic movement. Stacey thrashed about, yanking at the scarves that held her in place as her bronze breasts were beaten mercilessly by the crazed white bigot. Despite the pain, she immediately felt her body respond sexually. Her clitoris tingled  and pulsed in response to each lash administered by her white master. "What  kind of animal have I become?" she thought, twisting her nubile torso to avoid  another painful blow.  On and on Jethro whipped, moving occasionally away from her bouncing breasts  to crack strokes on her stomach, side, thighs, and calves. He was careful not to neglect her superb, already well beaten ass cheeks, but he kept coming back  again and again to strike at her two incredible teats. Jutting out so improbably far in front of her, they were mesmerizing targets. He zeroed in repeatedly on  her mountainous, taut aureoles and their two fully erect inch long nipples. Brash and pert, the sexy protuberances formed perfect bull's, eyes for each firm lash  of hard leather. Stacey's cries of pain transformed into cries of pleasure as her  tender tit tips began orgasming in response to each sharp blow. Jethro was  getting so horny he had to stop several times to jerk at his monstrous cock.  Then he had another great idea. He pulled the bundled up scarf out of her mouth and forced her head down toward his stiff prick. With her hands bound to the bedposts above her, Stacey's arm sockets were quickly stretched to their limit. But before she could even release a groan, she found Jethro's giant penis once again stuffed into her mouth.  "Time to suck Massa again, jungle bunny!," laughed Jethro, as he pushed her  head down on his twitching manhood.  Unbelievably, Jethro had conceived of an even more undignified position for  the conceited black executive. Gyrating his hips and thrusting upwards, he  started again to satisfy his perverted longings with Stacey's abused throat  tube. This time he amused himself during the blow job, by reaching under her  to pinch and pull at the magnificent low hanging mammaries. He twisted her  nipples cruelly while she gagged on his oversized man meat. Despite her pain and discomfort, Stacey's nipples and areolas continued orgasming  uncontrollably. Her strangled cries of pleasure and pain were punctuated by  loud slurping, sucking and choking noises. This time the skull fuck was  brief, Jethro was ready to ass rape his stuck-up Yankee house nigger.  Untying her arms, Jethro turned Stacey around, threw her face down, and  bottom up, on the bed and recuffed her wrists to the base of the headboard, as before. Once again he took the large couch cushion and slipped it under  Stacey's pelvis, propping her buns up high in the air.  "Now I'm gonna butt fuck y'all's nigger ass, Miss Vice-President."  "No, please don't! pleaded Stacey, "You'll rip me in two with that thing!"    Her emerald doe eyes flashed in fear, as she glanced back at the long  thick battering ram bobbing to and fro behind her. She began desperately wiggling her perfect butt back and forth pathetically in front of the bully's leering eyes.  "Ah just loves to fuck tight little nigger butt holes!" he giggled .  Jethro splayed her long supple legs out as wide as he could, fully exposing Stacey's swollen pussy to his wolf like stare. Jethro felt as thrilled as a little boy who broke into a candy shop at night.  "Looks like y'all's penis-thang's ready fur some more action!" said Jethro.  Stacey gasped, as he pinched the tip of her bloated clitoris. He kept it  tightly clamped between his left thumb and index finger and slowly pulled  the oversized hunk of nerves out to it's full five inch extension.  "AAAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!," Stacey shrieked.  Her breath was taken away and her head swam from pain. With his right thumb  and index finger Jethro reached down and firmly squeezed the middle of the  taut throbbing love muscle.  "UUUUUUNNNNGGGGHHHHH!!!!! OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!!!," cried Stacey, as a series of unbelievably powerful orgasms exploded in her.  Jethro slowly and deliberately pinched up and down it's entire length, in awe  of Stacey's dramatic outburst of nymphomania. Stars burst before her eyes,  while multiple concussions jolted her to her very core. Stacey whelped, as he  finally released his vise-like grip. The abused clit throbbed an angry red and  swelled up even bigger than before.  Jethro dipped his right index finger into the jar of Vaseline and placed the  goo-covered fingertip on the entrance of her tightly puckered anal  sphincter. Stacey screwed her eyes shut, and bit into her pillow, as he  slowly wedged the thick finger all the way to it's hilt in her narrow anal  canal, crudely deflowering her virgin rectum. A fresh wave of utter  humiliation washed through her, as the disgusting Southerner once again  invaded one of her most private physical body parts.  "Dang that's one tight little hole!" exclaimed Jethro.  Involuntarily, Stacey clenched on his thick digit.  "Dang!! Let go of my finger, you little heifer!," cried Jethro, tugging  playfully, until it sprang out, making a loud popping noise like a cork  coming out of a bottle.  "Well, I guess I better grease y'all up real good. Mah cock's hot to start  humpin'. Don't want to waste no time forcin' mah way in there. Lucky thang  for y'all." he drawled, reaching back into the vaseline jar.  Jethro now forced two greasy fingers deep into the tight hole.  "UUUUNNNGGGHHH," grunted Stacey loudly as he slid them all the way  in to the third knuckle, skewering the formerly unobtainable beauty like a  stuck pig. Her warm anal membrane grasped reflexively at the two fingers, as she twisted and squirmed to escape. Stacey's beautiful face was flushed  several shades darker with shame from being violated so obscenely by the  horrible hillbilly.  "Ooooh. I bet all y'all Harvard gals got tight little ass holes like this. "  he taunted.  Stacey wriggled back and forth in discomfort, as Jethro reveled in a feeling  of complete power. How pathetic she was, twisting her tender ass tube  around on his calloused fingers! There was no more satisfying way to  subjugate another human than to penetrate them anally. He had heard that in  prisons, even heterosexual men butt fucked fellow inmates, in order to assert  their dominance.  "Guess y'all's not so tough now, eh, Miss Nigger? Guess y'all's gonna think  twice next time about fucking with the white men."  He slapped down hard on her ass cheek, and began twisting his trespassing  digits around in a circular motion, trying to open a wider passage for his  mammoth fuck tool. Her eyes wide open in shock, Stacey grimaced and stifled another cry. Jethro began urgently fucking the two fingers in and out of her. With a furrowed brow and pursed lips, she endured the painful and humiliating  reaming out of her forbidden back door hole. This was 'luck'? Who knows what it would have felt like without the lubricant. But her apprehension mounted at  the prospect of what was coming, that stiff angry telephone pole was going frig itself to ejaculation inside her tiny anal chute.  "Well, Ah guesses y'all's as ready as y'all's ever gonna be." said Jethro.  He withdrew his fingers with another loud slurpy pop, and began greasing his  prick. Carefully he pressed the oversized cock head up against her  endangered anal pucker.  "Y'all give Massa a real good little butt fuck now, ya hear?"  Despite her fear, Stacey knew this would be less painful if she cooperated.  She hesitantly started to undulate her hips, in an attempt to gently work the giant white cock head into her tightly shut hole, but when she felt the  pressure on her anus, she instinctively clenched her fleshy buns and  skittered forward.  "Whoa little heifer, sit still now. Massa just wants to go out for a little  ride!"  Laughing, Jethro gathered her hair into a ponytail, and pulled back sharply  at the base of her head.  "Yeeouuch!" cried Stacey, as her head jerked back.  "Looks like y awl's a little jumpy, heifer. Guess I better take charge and  remind y'all who's boss man 'round here."  Stacey screeched, as he pulled her back to him by her ponytail. She once  again found her butt hole pressed against the tip of his mighty phallus. This  time Jethro ground the cock head forward, until he breached her tiny anal  ring, stretching it way out to envelope his entire swollen dick helmet.  "EEEEEOOOOOWWWWIIIIEEEEE!!!!!!" cried Stacey in pain, as tears streamed down from her bulging eye sockets.  Out of abject fear, Stacey held absolutely still, as Jethro rocked back and  forth slowly. After several minutes of gently rotating his hips in circles, first clockwise, then counter-clockwise, the hard resistant muscles of Stacey's sphincter began relaxing to accomodate their unwelcome invader.  "Please take it out, Jethro! I'll do anything for you!" grunted Stacey  through clenched teeth, as beads of perspiration formed on her forehead.  Stacey's formerly air tight anal rosebud, a fitting symbol of her personality, was now stretched all the way around the circumference of Jethro's rock hard cock helmet. Ever so carefully, he began wedging the fat dong deeper into her once impregnable ass hole. The anal ring hugged his stiff man meat, letting her feel it's every vein and ridge. Mercifully the pain began to subside and was replaced by a dull throbbing. It felt good. "Oh No!!! Her clitoris!!! Please no!" she thought, "Not again!"  But her passion remained fully out of control. "How can this be?" she asked  herself in anguish. "Why am I excited? Why am I about to beg this illiterate hillbilly rapist to ram his donkey sized penis all the way into my anus?" These were her last rational thoughts, before she once more fell off a cliff  into a maelstrom of lust.   Panting heavily, she managed one last plea for mercy. "You can have my job as Office Manager, Jethro, and I'll be your secretary.  Just take that thing out  of me and go away. I won't tell the police. I promise!!"  Jethro slid his left arm underneath Stacey's neck and gripped her in a tight  headlock. With his right hand he grasped her chin in his palm and squeezed  her cheeks with his fingers, puckering her lips out. He planted his cheek  against hers and growled. "Too late, Miss Nigger, y'all's ass is mine. "  ''AAAAIIIIIOYYYEEE,'' cried Stacey, as Jethro thrust his hips forward with  a loud grunt, driving his cock deep into her defenseless ass hole.  Amazingly, there was no pain for Stacey, only a violent surge of lust. The  big cock fucking her ass opened a flood gate of new sensations. She began  undulating her hips, pressing her fat clitoris into the pillow beneath her.  Words came rushing out again, as if another person was speaking,  "Please don't hurt my little ass hole, Massa, Suh! I'll be a good little nigger  girl."  "Don't you worry none, little pickaniny, you'll like this just fine," hissed  Jethro into her ear, as he reached back and slapped a fleshy black bun.  WHHAP!!  "Who's the Boss man!!!??" he demanded in a loud voice.  "You da boss man, Jethro!" grunted Stacey.  He tightened his choke hold around her neck, slapped her ass cheek again and  thrust harder and faster.  WHAP!! WHAP!!  "Y'all didn't say 'Sir', nigger!"  "Yassa!!! You da boss man, sir, Jethro, sir. Please don't hump it so hard, Sir!!!" Stacey grunted, grinding her clit into the pillow, then thrusting back with her hips to meet his driving penis.  Jethro released her neck, raised himself up and removed the pillow from  beneath her hips.  "Get up on your elbows, you goddamn little jungle bunny!!"  Stacey obeyed like a pet dog, dropping her pelvis down to the mattress. She  groaned loudly as her clit mashed into the firmer surface. She propped  herself up on her elbows, and Jethro gathered up a full hanging breast in  each hand. Tit flesh bulged out over his fingers, as he closed his fists into  the two wondrous flesh globes, while Stacey wiggled back and forth,  frigging the big fuck pole with her grasping anus. Jethro started tweaking  and pinching her bloated nipples, sending sizzling sparks of lust shooting  up and down her body. She became lost again in a haze of pleasure, the big  driving cock beating a rhythm to her burgeoning passion. Jethro started  rutting on Stacey like a wild dog, rapidly pistoning his giant schlong in  and out of her once chaste ass hole.  Wet squishing noises and bestial grunts filled the room, as Jethro took out  his ignorant frustrations on his helpless captive. Stacey's unbelievably firm  ass cushions, split in two by the attacking shaft, shuddered and wobbled from  the force of Jethro's unnatural attack. He clenched his fists as hard as he could  on her two hanging boobs and thrust into her even harder, using the spongy  love handles as leverage. The bed was shaking and rattling from the force  of the brutal ass reaming, while Jethro slobbered and drooled on Stacey's  neck and cheek.  "Yassa, you da boss man, massa! Rape my worthless nigger ass hole! I wanna  be a good house Nigger, Suh!" Stacey shouted, turning her face into Jethro's and jamming her tongue in his mouth.  He continued humping his snotty black employer like a jackhammer, pounding  away at her spasming tail pipe, while sucking like an animal on her tongue.  Time and place became meaningless, as the two sexual athletes banged away at  each other. An extended series of multiple orgasmic concussions jolted  Stacey to the core, turning her mind into mush. Then, with the perfect  timing of a master lover, Jethro reached his right hand around underneath  her pelvis, and grabbed a hold of her incredible throbbing clitoris. As he  began pinching and pulling on it. Stacey shouted out loud with pleasure.  At last, with this giant penis reaming her bowels, and her renegade clitoris  firmly back in the expert grasp of her dominator, she could sense the  approach of her final release.  "OOOOHHH YIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEAAAHHH!!! You da boss man, Jethro!  Yassa massa, suh! Jerk me off, whitey!! You da man, da boss man!! I'm your  little fuck monkey jigaboo, suh!!"  Jethro began frigging her clit as hard as he could. He pushed his cheek hard against Stacey's and kept pumping away. He was determined to control the timing of his orgasm.  "That's it little fuck honey!! Y'all's massa's favorite little nigger girl!! Now takes care of yo' boss man!!"  The hundreds of clitoral orgasms Stacey had experienced over the last eight  hours now culminated in one tremendous earthquake. A primitive howl  emanated from deep within her chest cavity, and multi-colored lights  kaleidoscoped before her eyes. Then her orgasm exploded with the force of  an epileptic seizure. She began bucking convulsively, actually tossing the  250 pound rapist up and down in the air like a paper doll. Jethro hung on  like a cowboy riding an unbroken filly at the rodeo, his fingers still pulling  at the orgasming clitoris. The tight sphincter muscles of her ass hole grasped desperately at his pistoning prick, and much to Jethro's simultaneous pleasure and dismay, Stacey brought her master to another powerful involuntary ejaculation.  "UUUUUUUUNNNNNNGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH," groaned Jethro loudly, a fresh stream of cum bursting out of his penis.  For several minutes. Stacey pumped out the final loads of Jethro's semen,  completely draining his huge balls of his life's essence. Jethro found her  whimpering mouth and buried his tongue in it, while the two rutting fuck  stallions came and came on each other, until they both collapsed in utter  exhaustion.  Epilogue  Stacey spent the weekend trying to recover physically and emotionally from  her ordeal. Despite her brilliant intellect, and other wonderful natural  endowments, Stacey had not been blessed with significant "street smarts". If  she had, she would have immediately high-tailed it out of Dixon County and  never returned. Instead, early Monday morning she marched into the Dixon  County sheriff's office and angrily demanded to file a complaint of rape  against Jethro Johnson. While she was filling out forms, a deputy secretly  planted several grams of cocaine in her purse. Stacey was arrested on the  spot and six hulking uniformed red necks gathered around her to perform a  strip search.   Outraged by the obvious false arrest, she refused to remove a single piece of clothing. A couple of zaps from a 50,000 volt stun gun, however, quickly  brought her to heel. Slowly and nervously she undressed down to her bra and panties in front of the drooling police officers. When they got a eyeful of her incredible body that had been hiding beneath her business suit, police chief Buford Johnson, Jethro's uncle, decided to personally conduct the full  body drug search.   His men stood Stacey up against a jail cell and handcuffed her wrists to a bar  above her head. To keep her from kicking at Buford, they also handcuffed each  of her ankles to the bottom bars of the cell. The sheriff carefully examined  Stacey's spectacular breasts, making little pretense of actually looking for  contraband.   She threatened and cursed the muscular red neck, as she squirmed to evade his touch. Her outrageous aureoles and nipples began to involuntarily swell up as he squeezed, pinched and licked them. Unable to control themselves, the  deputies also began grabbing at Stacey.   Buford, wanting her to himself, had to push them away and even wave the  Tazer at his fellow officers, to protect his sexy chocolate treasure. Eventually  his investigation proceeded down to her vagina. When he got a look at her  oversized clitoris, he ordered his men to remove the handcuffs, drag her to the  jail cell cot and pin her down, while he performed an excruciatingly thorough  vaginal and anal cavity search.   As he pinched and pulled Stacey's clitoris, the other cops crowded around to watch in amazement, as the pink love muscle blew up to it's fully erect girth.  Stacey's involuntary sexual responses to Sheriff Johnson's crude manipulations mounted, and a full blown gang bang quickly ensued inside the jail cell.   An entirely unique series of sexual climaxes rocked Stacey's world, as she  was repeatedly double and triple penetrated by the well hung uniformed bigots. More cops rushed to the jailhouse, as word of the gang bang spread over the  police band. Before the end of the day, the entire 18 man Dixon county police department had force fucked Stacey multiple times in every conceivable position. Afterwards, they locked her up in a specially designed basement holding cell and  sent a forged letter to the Ivory Corporation, in which Stacey requested an  emergency leave of absence to attend to some urgent family matters up North.  Imprisoned in the jailhouse basement as a sex slave, Stacey was threatened  with the Tazer, if she failed to keep herself bathed, perfectly coiffed and  ready to perform any kind of sexual act. She was forced to dress in a wide  variety of sexy outfits and lingerie, and a large comfortable mattress was  brought into the cell, to replace the cot. Chief Johnson required her to fellate his enormous penis through the jail bars three times a day, and she entertained  numerous "VIP" visitors, including her old friend Jethro, in addition to the regular staff of police officers.  She was removed from the jail on a number of occasions to attend hastily organized KKK meetings, where she was repeatedly gang raped by large  groups of slobbering trailer trash, dressed in full Klan regalia. Her over-the- top nymphomaniac responses grew more and more hysterical each day,  much to the amusement of the horny Klansmen.   However, in contrast to her behavior with Jethro, when sexual delirium has caused her submit herself to his authority, Stacey was able to remain defiant throughout the gang rapes, never acknowledging the uneducated white  goobers as "massa". In-between orgasms, she struggled to escape and taunted the red necks with obscenities and insults. Her physical resistance and  rebellious verbal sass turned the gang bangs into highly animated grudge  fucks, filled with numerous obscenities, racial slurs and bitch slaps.   More than once the beautiful negress found herself on her hands and knees with a long line of Klansmen stretching both behind her and in front her. Each stroked his large erection while he awaited his turn to fuck the unbelievably  sexy, and insolent, Yankee nigger. Stacey alternated schizophrenically between grunting, howling and shouting out loud from pleasure, and berating her attackers with obscenities, calling them bastards, crackers and hicks.   In addition to questioning their sexual prowess and orientation, she cast aspersions at the sexual reputations of their mothers and sisters. The  angry bigots stuffed penis after penis in the uppity nigger's mouth to  shut her up, while the others tried to tame her from behind, riding her  like a wild stallion.   Bizarre gargling whines filled the room, as Stacey was repeatedly  rocked by multiple orgasms, while angry nine and ten inch cocks were jammed into her throat. Her face and ass were continually slapped and  she was insulted with every possible racial slur, while at least one hooded cracker lay constantly beneath her, mauling and sucking her incredible  dangling bosoms.   Two young boys with towels cleaned her off between ejaculations, running in from the gallery like ball boys clearing out fault serves at a tennis match. Every  gang rape position known was exploited, including the famous reverse oreo and circle blow jobs.  By the time the oversexed racists finally had their fill, weeks had passed and  Stacey's three fuck holes had been repeatedly violated by over 150 different men. After the final "nigger rape" party, they drugged Stacy and made a videotape of her sucking off an 18" donkey cock. Later that evening in a state of semi- consciousness, she was put on a Greyhound bound for Chicago, with a note threatening to release the donkey tape on the Internet, if she ever filed a civil rights violation with the FBI.  Executives at the Ivory Corporation were puzzled by Stacey's long disappearance. Eventually they received a resignation letter from her, in the mail. Later Jethro was promoted to her former position at the firm. Needless to say, no one  challenged his right to remain grand wizard of the Klan. Stacey was never heard  from again.


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